Finding a power solution that satisfies your particular product’s specifications and supply needs is enough of a chore. So, once your business has settled on a power supply unit (PSU) that works for you, the last thing you want is a surprise that disrupts this process. However, as time goes on, modifications and upgrades may need be added to existing power supply unit models for a variety of reasons, including changes due to manufacturing practices, parts availability, and component tolerance stack-up. By their nature, these changes are small and iterative, but if a revision takes place and it causes a conflict with one of your products or your customers’ products, you’re going to end up scrambling to find a workaround or replacement.

Clearly, this is a situation to avoid at all costs. But how do you know when a manufacturing change is going to affect you until you get the unit in your hands and discover an incompatibility? The answer is revision control (also commonly called version control), a service that locks in the version of the PSU model that the client has been using, unless they approve a switch to the newer version. When a revision takes place, we will reach out to covered customers to allow them to have a chance to review the updates to see if anything about them will affect their production. If there is a question about compatibility, companies with rev control can order test units to put through their paces. If the new version is not compatible with the older system, we will continue to supply the older units that the customer locked in.

This feature is especially important if the change made to the PSU involves a critical component, such as its printed circuit board (PCB), connectors, or MOSFETs. In some applications, this change to the PSU will mean that the OEM will need to get the PSU recertified by whatever agency governs their products (UL, CSA, VDE, DEMKO, and the like). Getting their product recertified could cost tens of thousands of dollars and pulls away valuable time and employee resources. But, with rev control in place, our OEM customers can rest assured knowing they will continue to receive the PSUs that have already been certified for their product.

If there are any problems updating to a newer version, N2Power will also work with you to try to develop a solution that makes the newest PSU version compatible with whatever hardware the older model was being used with. In most cases, we can update rev controlled customers to the newer version without any issues. With this protection in place, hardware revisions will not disrupt your manufacturing chain, saving your company from losses due to downtime as well as some headaches.

Now, while we have laid out its benefits, revision control is not an option that makes sense for every customer or every order. If you are placing a one-time order for a batch of power supplies, for instance, there’s no need for rev control. However, our clients who work with us to develop modified or customized versions of our standard power supplies are often doing so because they will be using that PSU in a product line that they plan to support for some time. In these cases, it is vital to know when changes are made to these models because an incompatibility is sure to affect future manufacturing runs. Your particular needs will be assessed when you speak with one of N2Power’s representatives.

In these cases we’ve looked at, the value of revision control is obvious, but the shocking truth is that many power supply manufacturers don’t offer this feature for any of their products. This leaves their customers vulnerable, which is not a place any business wants to be. At N2Power, we value the partnerships we forge with our clients and want to work with them in the best way possible to see them succeed. If your PSU is covered by rev control, which comes at no additional charge, our team will reach out to you to inform you of any major revisions to the design, thus beginning the dialogue to address any potential issues that could come up. And if there are any problems, you can sleep well knowing that you can continue to order and use the version already in place.

To find out if rev control should be a part of your power solution package, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable reps today. They can not only assess your power needs, but also go into more detail about N2Power’s exceptional value added features, including specific modifications as well as rev control. Start the conversation today!