N2Power is not just a power supply manufacturer, it is a complete power solutions provider. Find out about the extra services we provide that you can’t get from cookie-cutter PSU manufacturers.

Power supply manufacturers are in no short supply, but very few of them are able to provide true end-to-end power solutions. N2Power is in a unique position because our extensive capabilities encompass not only power supply unit (PSU) manufacturing, but also power and mechanical design. This allows us to offer a wealth of value-added features that makes it easy for our OEM clients to secure a power solution that meets their requirements while also providing them with the support, modifications, and accessories needed to properly implement it.

In this latest post, we will discuss several of the value-added features we offer to our customers and the benefits they provide over the cheap, one-size-fits-all approach to PSUs offered by many of our competitors.

Chassis Customization

Depending on the application, your application will have different mounting requirements and thus specific chassis needs. Is your power supply being integrated directly into the housing of your device? In this case, a standard open frame layout, consisting of just the power converter and PCB, will likely suffice. However, if your power supply is going to be installed in a rack or integrated with a cooling system, for instance, you may need an enclosed, hot-swappable, or U-frame chassis. We can even create a custom chassis based on your design requirements and the form factor of the power supply.

Connectors and Terminals

An OEM power supply solution is no solution at all if it isn’t able to properly integrate with the product it is supplying. If your product is designed around or already using a specific type of connector, it is an unnecessary inconvenience to have to change it. We offer a range of PSU connectors—including JST, Molex, terminal block, and others on our 40 W, 65 W, 100 W models.


Because of our dedication to efficiency, in many cases, N2Power PSUs rely completely on convection air cooling and do not require any extra temperature-regulating accessories. After all, the less efficient a power supply design is, the more of its wasted energy is dissipated in the form of heat. While efficient design keeps our cooling requirements low, in applications where additional cooling is required, we supply heat sinks, fans, and all the other accessories needed to keep your system operating at the optimal temperature (as part of the Optimized System Manufacturing Program, which will be discussed in more detail later). We use only premium quality cooling equipment components, and our ultraefficient green fans dissipate heat more effectively.

Specification Modification

We can also modify a number of features to help a power supply better fit a specific use case. For instance, one of the most common modifications we make for customers is to output voltage. This is a critical feature and can radically change the types of applications the PSU is suited for. Afterall, the higher a particular application’s resistance (ohms), the more voltage must be supplied to produce the same current. It is of vital importance to match the application with the correct voltage and current to achieve maximum efficiency from the system. We can also adjust the PSUs rise time, the time it takes to go from zero output to maximum output, and the timing controlling when and under what conditions it starts up and shuts down. The ideal timing would be very different for a piece of industrial machinery than it would be for, say, a casino electronic gaming machine.

Revision Control

Once you have your solution in place and have begun manufacturing, the worst thing that can happen is an unexpected problem cropping up and delaying production. Unfortunately, most PSU manufacturers don’t inform their regular customers before making important changes their models, resulting in a nasty surprise when one day a shipment of now-incompatible power supplies arrives. This results in a costly scramble to either somehow modify your product to accommodate the new model or quickly find a replacement.

That’s why we offer revision control to all of our clients who purchase custom or modified power supplies. If the model is modified in any significant way, revision control clients will receive notification of it ahead of time—allowing them to review the changes (and request test models, if needed) to see if they present any compatibility problems with their product. If there are any issues, the customer can continue to order the previous version of the model, ensuring the continued availability of the compatible PSU. You can take a deeper dive into the benefits of revision control by reading our previous blog post: What Is Revision Control and When Should You Consider It?

Custom Labels

Does your custom power supply require special labeling? Not a problem. N2Power can produce labels that feature your company’s name and logo and the part number. Because we serve an international customer base, labels also must often be modified to reflect adherence to local regulatory standards. In China, for instance, all products need to bear the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)—a safety certification—to be sold in the country. Similar agency approvals are needed for products sold in Australia, Japan, and others, so it’s important to be able to modify component labels to reflect these.

Optimized Power Systems Manufacturing (OPSM)

N2Power is in a unique position as a power supply manufacturer with not just power design experience, but also mechanical design capabilities. As enumerated in the sections above, this allows us to offer total package PSU solutions, but it also lets us offer a simplified buying experience through our Optimized Power Systems Manufacturing (OPSM) program. OEMs are no longer forced to purchase every component of a power system—from mountings, brackets, and external fans down to individual nuts and bolts—separately. OPSM allows all of this equipment to be purchased together, reducing everything to a single bill of materials (BOM) entry. Ultimately, this streamlines the purchasing process and reduces order fulfillment times—as well as headaches.


All our OEM clients also benefit from the support of our knowledgeable tech team based in Camarillo, Calif. They are available during normal business hours to help walk you through any issue you may have. You can also take advantage of our 24/7 online support by getting in touch with us through the secure form found here.

Taking the Next Steps

As you can see, there is a big difference between a company that simply makes power supplies and a complete power solutions provider like N2Power. Not only can you be sure that your solution is completely compatible with your product down to the nuts and bolts, you can also take comfort knowing that the process will be simple, time effective, and cost efficient.

If you are in the market for an OEM power solution, we want to talk with you today! Please get in touch with one of our representatives via our contact page.