Robust Quality Power Solutions

Why N2Power?

A leading designer, manufacturer, and purveyor of ultrasmall standalone switch-mode power supplies to the OEM markets for more than 21-years, N2Power has earned a stellar reputation for providing extremely efficient and highly reliable PSUs. In addition to our more than 30 product families—both standard and modified—for a variety of applications across multiple industries, we also offer custom and value-add options for each product.

​The N2Power brand has become synonymous with superior service. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing our OEM customers’ engineering teams with the exact solutions they require, whether that means simply modifying a standard model to fill a special need or starting from the ground-upon a new design based on a client’s power specification. To date, we have delivered over 140 custom/modified standard power solutions to our customers around the world. We also offer one of the very best warranties in the business. N2Power is committed to helping our customers devise innovative solutions to make their products and systems more competitive within their industry, and we want to talk with you

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Advantages of N2Power Technology

For more than two decades, N2Power has been at the vanguard of power supply technology, incorporating the latest features and innovations to best meet our customers’ ever-evolving needs.

  • Open frame, DIN rail, U-channel, hot-swap, enclosed, and custom mounts
  • Output configuration options available for every product
  • AC-DC, DC-DC, and ATX lines
  • Reliability and high-quality mean more up time and longer mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • High efficiency results in less loss of energy in the form of heat, resulting in longer MTBF and lower cooling costs
  • State-of-the-art packaging techniques produce extremely small volumetric size, yielding power densities over 15 watts/cubic inch.
  • Among the smallest AC-DC 40 to 500-watt open frame power supplies on the market.
  • Green by design: up to 93% efficiency
  • Current sharing and OR’ing diode for redundancy
  • Higher Power Convection Rated
  • Single and multi-output models, I2C (PMBus™) interface for digital power management, remote on/off, and more.

How Does N2Power Technology Benefit Your Industry?

Every industry is unique. Find out how our core markets benefit by utilizing N2Power solutions to address their power consumption needs


  • Service the telecom, networking communications, broadcast, and audio/visual equipment fields
  • Help customers achieve their power requirements through standard or customized solutions
  • Enable designers to easily address the growing energy-usage and power-demand concerns of data centers, networking devices, and telecom products
  • Among the first PSU manufacturers to offer 1U designs, reducing the space required by rack-mounted communications and blade server applications
  • Always evolving to meet customer needs for increased power density (more power from smaller supplies), higher efficiencies, and reliability—all while lowering costs


  • Helped pave the way for minimizing PSU space while maximizing their efficiency in a wide variety of medical applications
  • Currently developing updated range that will offer standard patient-connect and non-patient-connect power solutions
  • Certain power supplies are pre-approved to meet EN60601-1 and 2XMOPP safety standards, helping speed up compliance testing for customer specific products
  • Minimized risk of encountering unexpected development problems, ensuring customer product releases stay on track.


  • Highly reputable in engineering compact, highly efficient, multiple-output power supply solutions
  • Value-added features: Integrated IEC connectors, fans, and multiple varieties of plug-and-play connectors to deliver power to the embedded motherboard and LED lights as well as the integrated bill exchangers, card readers, and printers
  • Experience working with some of the top casino gaming companies in the industry
  • Expertise in furnishing power solutions for slot machines, lottery terminals, card purchases, ATM machines, tabletop gaming, LED/lighting, and others.


  • Robust and reliable PSUs designed to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Compact size with standard DIN rail attachments
  • High efficiency and low/no-load power consumption
  • Protracted MTBF values reduce downtime
  • High-quality components ensure operational safety
  • Operating temperature ratings extend from -25°C to 85°C, with some models operating at -40°C
  • Adjustable output voltages available with manufactured configured settings on some models
  • PSUs meet international standards that enable their use around the world

Different Chassis Options

Depending on your needs, all of our Power Supplies are available in different chassis configurations: Open-Frame, U-Frame, Hot-Swap, Enclosed, and Custom.

If you find N2Power’s unique advantages appealing, please contact us now to discuss your power requirements and how rapidly we can meet them