We put it all on the table and reveal the ways N2Power’s gaming PSUs can add to an electronic gaming machine’s value proposition.

As a leading global power supply manufacturer, we provide units for a diverse array markets, from the ITE industry to the medical devices segments. One of our major industries is probably one you’ve never considered the power needs for, but you have certainly been a target of their hypnotic bells, flashing lights, and clinking coins. Slot machines, video poker, video blackjack, and the like are collectively referred to as electronic gaming machines (EGMs), and the power supply units that keep these machines attracting starry-eyed players have very specific needs

COVID-19’s effect on the gaming industry cannot be understated, but as casinos begin to reopen with new guidelines in place, gamers are sure to flock back to their favorite machines. In fact, while the high rollers may favor the tables, EGMs still bring in the majority of revenue for Las Vegas casinos. The machines are so popular that some of the largest casinos in the United States entice their guests with selections of thousands of electronic games (the largest in the U.S., the WinStar World Casino & Resort in Oklahoma, offers more than 8,500), and the floating casinos aboard cruise ships can be equipped with as many as 10 EGMs per passenger.

As casinos grapple with ways to reduce costs in the face of a potentially sustained dip in patronage resulting from the pandemic, gaming machine manufacturers can enhance their products’ value proposition by reexamining critical components like power supplies. As a supplier to many of the world’s top manufacturers of EGMs, N2Power has a unique expertise and understanding of the gaming industry. Here are just some of the advantages that our PSUs can offer a casino environment.


Since its founding in 1999, N2Power has been dedicated to building highly efficient, ultracompact power supply units (PSUs), and the commitment to this approach makes our supplies particularly well-suited for gaming needs. N2Power’s gaming series of PSUs features models with footprints as small as 2” × 4” and some with power densities that reach over 22 W per cubic inch. This power-dense form factor easily allows integration into any sort of EGM, from the largest eye-grabbers to the most space-efficient kiosks. It also allows us to configure multiple power supplies in power assemblies customized to fit the size, power, voltage, cabling, and connection needs of any gaming OEM for any particular EGM.

Power Usage

Providing environments awash in electronic sensory delights as well as the infrastructure that supports them, casinos need to take advantage of any ways that they can to reduce energy consumption. Not only does this lower operating costs, a commitment to sustainability can reap additional social benefits like decreasing a company’s carbon footprint. Our 90%+ efficient designs also mean our PSUs do not generate excessive amounts of heat and thus will need less fan cooling or possibly no cooling, further reducing power consumption. We have even done calculations showing that if a prominent San Diego casino used our super-efficient power assembly offerings rather than their current supplier’s, they would be able to reduce energy costs by almost $10,000 per month.


Casinos can be loud places, but their distinctive din is actually the product of shrewd design. The sounds generated by EGMs are meant to entice potential players into engaging with it, but unintended sources of sound can create noise pollution that makes the environment less pleasant for players. While the drone of a fan in isolation is not a big deal, hundreds of those same fans churning away at the same time can be. Through the properties of acoustic interference, these sounds can reinforce one another, making them louder, and can also cancel out sounds with the same frequency range, making things like conversation more difficult. Generally, properly operating fans generate tones in the low frequency range, but as time goes on and the fan’s bearings and other components age, they can generate high-pitched sounds, further adding to the cacophony.


The legendary Las Vegas Strip is the largest casino market in the country and the source of more than 50 percent of all gaming revenue in Nevada. While table games have a certain debonair charm, EGMs still account for more than half of the revenue of casinos on the Strip—not only because of their popularity but also because of the larger percentage of bets the house gets to keep when compared to multiplayer table games like blackjack, poker, and craps.

Because casinos are so reliant on slots and other electronic games for income, machine downtime is a major concern—especially as casinos try to make up lost ground after closures. On average, casinos miss out on more than $220 a day in lost revenue from each inoperable machine on their floor and quite a bit more if it’s an especially popular machine. Given the massive deployments these casinos oversee, the cumulative effect of frequent machine downtime, these losses can quickly add up. Along with lost revenue, casinos are also on the hook for any costs associated with repairs, both in terms of employee manhours and the purchase of replacement components.

The long meantime between failures (MTBF) associated with N2Power PSUs means that OEMs can offer greater value to their casino clients in the form of reduced cost of ownership and minimizing lost revenue from downtime. But perhaps one of the biggest benefits to casinos resulting from using reliable components is purely psychological: If players strolling the casino floor are met with a bevy of “out of order” signs, they will have less confidence in the competency of the casino and therefore be less likely to entrust their money to it.

Industry Familiarity

N2Power has worked with some of the worlds biggest electronic gaming OEMs in the world, which has given us valuable experience and insight into the needs of gaming clients. Our power assemblies are modified to meet the OEM’s specific power requirements for any combination of single or multi-output PSU and are available with a plethora of value-added features, including varieties of plug-and-play connectors to deliver power to embedded motherboards, LED lights, bill exchangers, card readers, printers, etc. To make things even easier, N2Power offers a gaming line of standard power supplies that are designed with the needs of EGMs in mind and available in 150, 160, 240, 275, 280, 375, and 500 W series. Each is available with a range of output voltages and several enclosure options, including open frame, DIN rail, U-channel, hot-swap, enclosed, and custom mounts.

Place Your Bets

As the gaming industry reemerges from COVID-19 shutdowns, it will, ironically, have even less of an appetite for risk. By offering reliable standard and custom products with low costs of ownership, N2Power can help EGM manufacturers make their products that much more appealing to casino clients. If you are interested in learning more about how N2Power’s products can benefit your company, please get in touch with us today!